Drones 4 Kids

After Christmas I seen many parents in the field who had bought Drones for their Kids. I seen one parent who bought their 6-year-old son a DJI Mavic Pro; a $1000 drone.

I never understood why someone would buy their kids an expensive drone such as DJI when they have no flying experience what-so-ever. It’s not just the cost, because obviously if you have the money, and your kid has experience, by all means buy it for them. However, if your kid has no experience, you need to buy them something more suitable for their level of experience.

Most of these Drones are NOT Toys, and can be VERY dangerous not only to your kid,  but also people around them.

The motors on these drones are spinning extremely fast, and these props will cut you up! I have scars all over my hand and arms from not only mistakes I’ve made, but from my drone malfunctioning coming straight back at me at full throttle into my chest, cutting me up bad because i couldn’t get it off of me. I received 6 stitches on the inside my arm nearly getting my Ulnar Artery.

So after seeing so many kids with drones out in the field this past week, i put together a list of Drones 4 kids that are suitable for kids with little to no experience.