Barcelona hosts the European Drone Film Festival

The drones have already become an indispensable tool for the shootings, giving incredible insights and possibilities hitherto unknown. The best professionals of the sector will meet in the Catalan capital.

The contest will have an international jury of recognized prestige, which will select the best films in the categories:

– Film
– Technical shoot – Documentary
– Fiction
– Dronie

The public attending the event may vote to select the “special prize of the public”.

The European Drone Film Festival

The European Drone Film Festival is a festival founded by the association that manages the Jean d’Arc cinema in the Brittany town of Gourin. For this edition has been consolidated as a collaboration between France, Spain and Italy. Its only will and motivation is to spread and promote the drones sector at an international level and to make social conscience of its good uses.

In the regulation of the festival a great emphasis is placed on that all the shots are made following scrupulously the legislation of the filming country.

Some data from the first edition:

As a reference, in the first edition of the European Drone Film Festival 128 projects were presented to 22 different countries. A public attendance to the festival was more than 5,000 people. For this edition, taking into account that the appointment is in Barcelona, the organization hopes to exceed these figures by far.

The Drone Sector in 2017

Drones are already tools that are part of our daily lives. With more and more benefits and with increasingly reduced prices, these fantastic machines make with their professional uses that the industries that adopt them obtain better production and considerable cost savings. Among the sectors that make the most use of the drones is, of course, the audiovisual. The aerial images give a different point of view.